Our company is based in Poland and is a global supplier of nonferrous metal products: such as Titanium, Nickel, Tungsten sintered products, including Molybdenum and Tantalum. 
WE OFFER: sheets, bars, flat bars, wires, foils, strips, nuts and bolts, pipes, tubes, elbows, reducers, tees, stub ends and flanges.
  • we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

  • all supplied materials have 3.1 inspection certificates

  • We provide TECHNICAL SUPPORT when choosing and applying the right materials

  • we handle water jet CUTTING SERVICES, band sawing and guillotine shears

  • we offer FULLY MACHINED PARTS according to specific requirements

  • we keep STOCK ITEMS for regular customers

  • we perform broad METALLURGICAL TESTING on request.

Experience, flexibility and dedication of our team has resulted in many successful contracts and stable partnership over the years. We cooperate with companies in chemical, petrochemical, aerospace and medical industry as well as with scientific and research institutions both in Poland and abroad.